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Message-ID: [email protected]> X-Last-Updated: 2000/01/30 Newsgroups: Sender: tittle From: Cindy Tittle Moore <[email protected]> Subject: rec.pets.dogs:  Complete List of Dog-Related Acronyms X-No-Archive: Yes Date: 14 Feb 2009 06:13:27 GMT  Archive-name: dogs-faq/acronym-list URL: Last-modified: 30 Jan 1900  ======= There are many FAQ's available for this group.  For a complete listing of these, get the "Complete List of RPD FAQs".  This article is posted bimonthly in rec.pets.dogs, and is available via anonymous ftp to under pub/usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/faq-list, via the Web at, or  via email by sending your message to [email protected] with send usenet/news.answers/dogs-faq/faq-list in the body of the message.  This article is Copyright 1997 by the Author(s) listed below.  It may be freely distributed on the Internet in its entirety without alteration provided that this copyright notice is not removed.   It may NOT reside at another website (use links, please) other than the URL listed above without the permission of the Author(s).   This article may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in other  documents without he Author(s)'s permission and is provided "as is"  without express or implied warranty. ==========                            Dog Fanciers' Acronym List                                           Originally inspired by a list compiled by Kathleen O'Donnell on OBED-L    (now OBED-COMP) that had substantial corrections and clarifications    suggested by Stacy Pober.        Overall organization, webification and additional/updated material by    Cindy Tittle Moore. Copyright 1996 by CTM.      _________________________________________________________________     Table of Contents       * Comments      * Organizations      * Flyball Titles      * Agility Titles      * Obedience Titles      * Schutzhund       * AKC herding titles      * Herding titles - AHBA (American Herding Breeds Association)       * Herding titles - ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America)      * Field trials - AKC, CKC      * Go To Ground/Terrier Trials/Tests      * Coursing titles - ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association)      * Coursing titles - AKC      * Coursing titles - NAOFA (North American Open Field Association)      * Coursing titles - NACA (North American Coursing Association)      * Hunt Test Titles      * Working certificates (breed clubs)      * Miscellaneous titles      * Breed acronyms      * Other Dog-Related Acronyms      * Conversational acronyms      _________________________________________________________________     Comments     This list primarily deals with acronyms and references for dog    fanciers. There are many other lists available for other general    acronyms and emoticons, which you should consult. These include:      *            Also...     1. All titles are suffixes to a dog's registered name if not        otherwise noted.     2. Acronyms listed alphabetically, except herding titles, which are        in order of difficulty.          __________________________________________________________            Organizations          AAC                 Agility Association of Canada                          AKC                 American Kennel Club                          CKC                 Canadian Kennel Club                          NADAC                 North American Dog Agility Council                          UKC                 United Kennel Club (USA)                          USDAA                 United States Dog Agility Association             __________________________________________________________            Flyball Titles          FD                 Flyball Dog                          FDX                 Flyball Dog Excellent                          FDCh                 Flyball Dog Champion                          FM                 Flyball Master                          FMX                 Flyball Master Excellent                          FMCh                 Flyball Master Champion                          ONYX                 Award (named after first recipient) based on points                 earned                          FGDCh                 Flyball Grand Champion             __________________________________________________________            Agility Titles          AX                 Agility Excellent (AKC)                          MX                 Master Agility Excellent (AKC)                          NA                 Novice Agility (AKC)                          OA                 Open Agility (AKC)                          NAJ                 Novice Jumper With Weaves (AKC)                          OAJ                 Open Jumper With Weaves (AKC)                          AXJ                 Excellent Jumper With Weaves (AKC)                          MXJ                 Master Jumper With Weaves (AKC)                          U-AGI                 Agility I (UKC)                          U-AGII                 Agility II (UKC)                          U-ACH                 Agility Champion (UKC)                          U-ACHX                 Agility Champion Excellent (UKC)                          AD                 Agility Dog (USDAA)                          VAD                 Veteran Agility Dog (USDAA)                          VAAD                 Veteran Advanced Agility Dog (USDAA)                          VMAD                 Veteran Master Agility Dog (USDAA)                          VS                 Veterans Snooker                          VJ                 Veterans Jumper                          VG                 Veterans Gambler                          VPD                 Veteran Performance Dog                          AAD                 Advanced Agility Dog (USDAA)                          MAD                 Master Agility Dog (USDAA)                          SM                 Snooker Master (USDAA)                          GM                 Gambler Master (USDAA)                          PM                 Pairs Master (USDAA)                          JM                 Jumpers Master (USDAA)                          ADCH                 Agility Dog Champion (USDAA)                          ADC                 Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)                          AADC                 Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)                          MADC                 Master Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)                          O-, S-                 Outstanding, Superior Peformance, prefixed to any NADAC                 title                          NAC, NAC-V, NAC-JH                 Novice Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          OAC, OAC-V, OAC-JH                 Open Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          EAC, EAC-V, EAC-JH                 Elite Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          NGC, NGC-V, NCG-JH                 Novice Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          OGC, OGC-V, OCG-JH                 Open Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          EGC, EGC-V, ECG-JH                 Elite Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          NJC, NJC-V, NJC-JH                 Novice Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          OJC, OJC-V, OJC-JH                 Open Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          EJC, EJC-V, EJC-JH                 Elite Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)                          NATCh                 Agility Trial Champion (NADAC)             __________________________________________________________            Obedience Titles          CD                 Companion Dog (AKC, CKC)                          CDX                 Companion Dog Excellent (AKC, CKC)                          CT                 Champion Tracker (a dog with a TD, TDX and VST) (AKC)                          OTCh                 Obedience Trial Champion (prefix) (AKC, CKC)                          TD                 Tracking Dog (AKC, CKC)                          TDX                 Tracking Dog Excellent (AKC, CKC)                          U-CD                 Companion Dog (prefix) (UKC)                          U-CDX                 Companion Dog Excellent (prefix) (UKC)                          U-UD                 Utility Dog (prefix) (UKC)                          UD                 Utility Dog (AKC, CKC)                          UDT                 Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog title (AKC)                          UDTX                 Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog Excellent title                 (AKC)                          UDX                 Utility Dog Excellent (AKC)                          UDVST                 Utility Dog title with a Variable Surface Tracking title                 (AKC)                          VST                 Variable Surface Tracking (AKC)                            NOTE 1: The AKC OTCh is much different and more difficult to           achieve than the Canadian (CKC) OTCh. The CKC OTCh is           equivalent to getting a Canadian UD. In other words the CKC UD           = CKC OTCh.                      NOTE 2: There are no combined titles for dogs with UDX and           other tracking titles.                      NOTE 3: The Champion Tracker title is not a competitively           earned title and does not figure into Dual or Triple Champion           titles. (The OTCH can be the third CH in a Triple, though.)             __________________________________________________________            Schutzhund          AD                 12 1/2 mile endurance run (can move from the other                 category)                          B                 German equiv. of a CD and CGC test in one                          SchH I, SchH II, SchH III                 comprising three phases -tracking,obedience and                 protection. dog must pass all three phases to earn title                          FH                 advanced tracking title (comparable to TDX)                          WH                 watchdog title                          KKL                 Koer'd means the dog is certified as eligible for                 breeding under the German breed survey system             __________________________________________________________            AKC herding titles          HCH                 Herding Champion (prefix)                          HI                 Herding Intermediate                          HS                 Herding Started                          HT                 Herding Tested                          HX                 Herding Excellent                          PT                 Pre-trial Tested             __________________________________________________________            Herding titles - AHBA (American Herding Breeds Association)          HCT                 Herding Capable Tested                          * HTD1                 Herding Trial Dog, first level                          * HTD2                 Herding Trial Dog, second level                          * HTD3                 Herding Trial Dog, third level                          JHD                 Junior Herd Dog                            * The official AHBA HTD title can have up to 4 suffixes: -d for           ducks; -s for sheep; -g for goats; or -c for cattle. The title           will always have at least one of these suffixes.             __________________________________________________________            Herding titles - ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America)          * ATD                 Advanced Trial Dog                          * OTD                 Open Trial Dog                          RD                 Ranch Dog (dog has been evaluated by a judge while doing                 its routine farm tasks & certified to be a useful working                 dog)                          * STD                 Started Trial Dog                          WTCH                 Working Trial Champion (prefix)                 (dog has earned ATD on all 3 types of stock)                            * Always with suffix -s, -d, -c to indicate title earned on           sheep, ducks or cattle. Titles earned separately on each type           of stock.             __________________________________________________________            Field trials - AKC, CKC          AFC                 Amateur Field Champion, (prefix)                 (must be owner handled)                          CFC                 Canadian Field Champion, (prefix)                          CAFC                 Canadian Amateur Field Champion, (prefix)                          FC                 Field champion, (prefix)                 (can be professional handler, open class)                          FD                 Field Dog (pointing, CKC)                          FDJ                 Field Dog Junior (pointing, CKC)                          FDX                 Field Dog Excellent (pointing, CKC)                          NFC                 National Field Champion, (prefix)             __________________________________________________________            Go To Ground/Terrier Trials/Tests          JE                 Junior Earthdog (AKC)                          ME                 Master Earthdog (AKC)                          SE                 Senior Earthdog (AKC)                            NOTE 1: AWTA Titles and other Terrier titles missing.             __________________________________________________________            Coursing titles - ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association)          F.Ch.                 Field Champion                          LCM                 Lure Courser of Merit                          LCM2                 Lure Courser of Merit 2                 (has met the requirements for LCM twice over. LCM3, LCM4,                 etc. are also available)             __________________________________________________________            Coursing titles - AKC          JC                 Junior Courser (suffix)                          SC                 Senior Courser (suffix)                          F.Ch.                 Field Champion (prefix)             __________________________________________________________            Coursing titles - NAOFA (North American Open Field Association)          CC                 Coursing Champion                          CM                 Courser of Merit             __________________________________________________________            Coursing titles - NACA (North American Coursing Association)          NACC                 NACA Coursing Champion                          NACM                 NACA Courser of Merit             __________________________________________________________            Hunt Test Titles          GMHR                 Grand Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)                          JH                 Junior Hunter (AKC)                          SH                 Senior Hunter (AKC)                          SR                 Started Retriever (NAHRA)                          MH                 Master Hunter (AKC)                          MHR                 Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)                          WR                 Working Retriever (NAHRA)                            NAHRA titles incomplete, need UKC/HRC titles too.             __________________________________________________________            Working certificates (breed clubs)          WAC                 Working Aptitude Certificate (Doberman Pincher Club of                 America)                          WC                 Working Certificate (various breed clubs, differs)                          WCI                 Working Certificate Intermediate (various breed clubs,                 differs)                          WCX                 Working Certificate Excellent (various breed clubs,                 differs)                          WD                 Working dog (American Chesapeake Club, ACC)                          WDX                 Working dog excellent (ACC)                          WDQ                 working dog qualified (ACC)                          WD                 Water dog (Newfoundland Club of America, NCA)                          WRD                 Water rescue dog (NCA)                          DD                 Draft dog (NCA)                          TDD                 Team draft dog (NCA)                          VN                 Versatile Newfoundland (NCA)                    American Water Spaniels            SD                 Started Dog (American Water Spaniel Club -- AWSC)                          WD                 Working Dog (AWSC)                          WDX                 Working Dog Excellent (AWSC)                          WDS                          Working Dog Superior                          JWD                 Junior Working Dog (American Water Spaniel Field Assoc.                 -- AWSFA)                          SWD                 Senior Working Dog (AWSFA)                          MWD                 Master Working Dog (AWSFA)             __________________________________________________________            Miscellaneous titles          CG                 Certificate of Gameness (American Working Terrier Assn)                          CGC                 Canine Good Citizen Certificate                          CH                 Champion (prefix)                          HIC                 Herding Instinct Certified                          TD                 Therapy Dog                          TDI                 Therapy Dog International                          TT                 Temperment Tested by ATTS (or other official                 organizations)             __________________________________________________________            Breed acronyms          BC                 Border Collie                          CBR                 Chesapeake Bay Retriever                          CCR                 Curly-coated Retriever                          FCR                 Flat-coated Retriever                          GD                 Great Dane                          GR                 Golden Retriever                          GSD                 German Shepherd Dog                          GSP                 German Shorthaired Pointer                          GWP                 German Wirehaired Pointer                          LR                 Labrador Retriever                          OES                 Old English Sheepdog                          PBGV                 Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen                          PWC                 Pembroke Welsh Corgi             __________________________________________________________            Other Dog-Related Acronyms          ACVO                 American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists                          BJ                 Broad Jump or Bar Jump (context)                          CERF                 Canine Eye Registry Foundation                          DJ                 Directed Jumping                          DOR                 Drop on Recall                          F8                 Figure Eight                          HD                 Hip Displasia (sometimes CHD)                          ILP                 AKC Indefinite Listing Privilege for unpapered purebreds                          LP                 UKC's Listing Privilege for unpapered purebreds/mixed                 breeds                          OFA                 Orthopedic Foundation for Animals                          ROF                 Retrieve on the Flat                          ROH                 Retrieve over the High Jump                          ROM                 Register of Merit             __________________________________________________________            Conversational acronyms          BTW                 By The Way                          FAQ                 Frequently Asked Questions                          IMHO                 In My Honest Opinion                          LOL                 Laughing out Loud                          OTOH                 On The Other Hand                          ROTF                 Rolling on the Floor (amusement)      _________________________________________________________________             Acronym List FAQ     Cindy Tittle Moore, [email protected]                                       Hosted by                                   K9 WEB
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