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Digest (M) ( sci.psychology.digest )
From [email protected] Mon Sep 27 12:37:36 1993
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Date: Fri, 19 Jan 90 12:51:00 -0500
From: [email protected] (S. R. Harnad)
To: [email protected]
Subject: For Elliot Lear
Keywords: posted

Elliot, I hope the forwarded mail from Greg Woods indicated
that I have to revise my posting to news.announce.newsgroups.

The header should have been:

CALL FOR DISCUSSION: sci.psycoloquy.moderated

and the text should have been:
Proposal to create a moderated newsgroup called:
An International, Interdisciplinary Forum for Scholarly Communication

Please send votes to this poster, not the net.
I have just taken over the editorship of the Bitnet Psychology
Newsletter (earlier called "Psychnet") and would now like to establish
it also as a moderated newsgroup on Usenet. Below is my first editorial
about plans for the group. The only thing that I would add is that the
group is, and will remain, a strictly noncommercial forum for
information exchange among psychologists (and scholars and scientists
>From related disciplines). Distributing it regularly to sites through
Usenet seems a more efficient use of the airwaves than an email list,
given that there are about 25,000 academic psychologists in the US,
probably near that number in the rest of the world, and countless
students and other interested disciplines.

I will be moderating the scientific discussion; co-moderating the
group with me will be Perry London, Dean of the Graduate School of
Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers University, with the
assistance of Cary Cheriniss, Associate Professor in that School. They
will be handling postings related to clinical psychology. The American
Psychological Association has also agreed to sponsor the list on an
experimental basis for eight months. This will pay a graduate student
for doing weekly updates on the bitnet listerver, where we hope to
build up the email addresses of all psychologists worldwide.

Below is a revised copy of the first editorial, which gives further
information about the list.
To Bitnet Newsletter (PSYCOLOQUY) Recipients (~1300 individuals and
redistribution sites):

This is just to let you know that this list is about to come under new
editorship. We all owe many thanks to Bob Morecock for having founded
the Bitnet Psychology Newsletter (originally "Psychnet," soon to
undergo yet another name change to PSYCOLOQUY). He has performed a
valuable service to the field of psychology in getting the list started
and sustaining it through its first few years in an era in which this
medium will become inceasingly important in scholarly communication.

There are some rather ambitious plans under consideration for this
list. Academic email networks can be much more than bulletin boards for
meetings, abstracts and notices, as most of them are. They are a
potentially revolutionary medium for disseminating and discussing new
findings and ideas -- "Scholarly Skywriting." The global scope and
lightening pace of intellectual exchanges in this medium are uncannily
well suited to the thought processes of the creative mind -- or so I
believe, at any rate, and this hypothesis will soon be put to the

Along with the notices that will continue to appear, and that you are
encouraged to continue to submit, there will be demo's of skywriting.
At first they will be circulated to the list as a whole. Then they
will only be archived; to continue receiving them you will either have
to request the volumes from listserv or to sign up for special
sublists devoted to the topic under discussion. Occasional summaries
or samples will be sent to the list as a whole from topics whose
discussions endure. [This procedure may be modified for the Usenet

Anyone can contribute to the scholarly discussion, but the submissions
will be moderated by [Perry London and] me, and we will have to exercise
selectivity where necessary, for reasons of length, relevance, quality
or tone (skywriting discussions must be polite and dispassionate).

In addition, I am actively looking for a list co-editor to handle
contributions bearing on clinical practice and professional matters in
psychology. Someone is under consideration now, but don't hesitate to
send nominations. The individual should be a professional psychologist
with some stature in the field, preferably with editorial or
administrative experience. (Note that this is not a paid position, but
a service we are contributing in order to develop this new medium.)
[Perry London of GSAP has since agreed to do it, with Cary Cheriniss,
but we are still looking for subeditors for the many subspecialties of
psychology and allied fields: perception, cognition, personality/social
psychology, development, operant/classical learning, comparative,
physiological, etc.]

Two more matters for now:

(1) The bitnet list's subscibership is currently about 1300, which is
not small for an email list but microscopic in relation to the size of
the world psychological community. I encourage all subscribers to
recruit new subscribers to the list (feel free to capture and circulate
this text to others by email). The procedure for adding one's name
automatically to the list is to send mail to [email protected] (or
@finhutc) with
SUB PSYCH Firstname Lastname
on the first text line. To unsubscribe:
UNSUB PSYCH  (name not required)

(2) Negotiations are currently underway with some psychological
organizations for some support for maintaining the list. The services
of the editors will continue to be voluntary, but some hired help will
be needed for adding and updating the address file and bundling and
posting accepted material. [APA has since agreed to sponsor
PSYCOLOQUY on a trial basis.]

Your reactions and suggestions are welcome. Looking forward to
a rewarding collaboration,

Stevan Harnad
Department of Psychology
Princeton University
Princeton NJ 08544

From [email protected] Tue Feb 18 00:01:07 1992
Flags: 000000000211
To: [email protected]
Path: phoenix!harnad
From: [email protected] (Stevan Harnad)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups
Subject: sci.psychology.moderated: CALL FOR VOTES
Keywords: Bitnet_Group_-------->_Usenet, posted
Date: 7 Feb 90 03:48:08 GMT
Organization: Princeton University, NJ
Lines: 111

CALL FOR VOTES for the creation of a moderated Usenet group out of the
already existing Bitnet Psychology Newsletter, PSYCOLOQY, which
currently has 1400 Bitnet subscribers. The objective is to make this
group more widely available to the world psychology community through

VOTING PERIOD: February 7 - March 9.

Please send a YES or NO vote, **worded as described below,** to
[email protected], *not* to the moderator of
new.announce.newgroups. The "r" option in rn is one way to get
your vote to the right destination.

The group will be co-moderated by Stevan Harnad, Department of
Psychology, Princeton University and Perry London, Dean of the Graduate
School of Applied and Professional Psychology, Rutgers University,
assisted by Cary Cherniss and an editorial board for all the
subspecialties of psychology, including perception, cognition,
development, psycholinguistics, physiological psychology, behavioral
analysis, social psychology, personality, clinical psychology and
applied psychology.

Contents will include both the usual bboard materials (meetings, tech
report abstracts, notices, journal contents) and moderated discussions
of current topics in all areas of psychology. The latter kind of
contribution will be especially encouraged and all discussion will be
kept at an informed scholarly level, to demonstrate the enormous (and
as yet unexplored) intellectual potential of such an electronic forum.

The group will be sponsored on an experimental basis by the Science
Directorate of the American Psychological Association and an effort
will be made to ensure that all psychologists and representatives of
related fields have access and the opportunity to participate

Because there is already an UNmoderated Usenet psychology group
(sci.psychology) and because the Bitnet group's name (PSYCOLOQUY) does
not match well with the Usenet nomenclature, the group can be called


If any of these four names would be ok with you, just vote:

I vote YES for sci.psychology... (MODERATED)

If your vote is conditional on one of these names, please specify which,

I vote YES for sci.psychology.digest  


If your vote is  negative, all options are voted against with:

I vote NO against sci.psychology... (MODERATED)

Please keep your message simple and unambiguous.
Three relevant excerpts from the discussion follow:
From: Todd Ogasawara  <[email protected]>
Organization: University of Hawaii

[Founder of sci.psychology (UNmoderated]

Having watched the USENET sci.psychology degenerate since I created the
group, I will be more than happy to vote for a sci.psychology.moderated
to sit next to it when you request votes...todd

From: [email protected] (Peter da Silva)

Welcome (eventually) to the net. I think that you will find the ".moderated"
suffix redundant, and the "psycoloquy" part is likely to cause confusion.
I would like to offer a suggestion:


As a .org group, it will be immediately obvious that the name is a proper
noun: the name of an organisation. There will be no confusion with any
nascent "sci.psychology" group, and people will be less likely to typo
the name.

>From: [email protected] (Mark M Mehl)

If the name "psycoloquy" is so appealing to everyone, simply call it
sci.psychology.psycoloquy so news-reader programs simply have to look
for sci.psychology.* to get both groups.

If the proposed group is to be a newsletter (as the charter suggests),
then a group name such as sci.psychology.digest would be most
descriptive of its contents. In order for any Usenet group to attract
the targeted audience it wants, the name "must" be thoughtfully
selected.  The suffix *.digest in Usenet generally suggests a moderated
group (although it doesn't have to be) that posts a brief newsletter.
If one want to call it sci.psychology.mag, that might be a second best
Stevan Harnad  Department of Psychology  Princeton University
[email protected]       [email protected]
[email protected]    [email protected]    (609)-921-7771

From [email protected] Tue Feb 18 00:25:20 1992
Flags: 000000000201
From: [email protected] (S. R. Harnad)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups
Subject: RESULTS OF VOTE: sci.psychology.digest
Keywords: moderated_psychology_digest_PSYCOLOQUY, posted
Date: 8 Mar 90 06:10:12 GMT
Organization: Princeton University, NJ
Followup-to: news.announce.newgroups

sci.psychology.digest has been successfully voted in as a 
moderated Usenet psychology group.

Here is the summary of the voting for the formation
of a moderated psychology group:

Summary of votes:       Total = 202 votes

Total YES: 186 votes
Total NO:   16 votes

Six alternatives were offered
(1)    YES for sci.psychology.digest
(2)    YES for sci.psychology.moderated
(3)    YES for sci.psychology.org
(4)    YES for sci.psychology.psycoloquy
(5)    YES for any of the 4 above
(6)    NO


YES (any of 4):                 129 votes
YES (sci.psychology.digest):     29 votes   = 158 votes

YES: (sci.psychology.moderated)  13 votes
YES: (sci.psychology.org)         8 votes
YES: (sci.psychology.psycoloquy)  7 votes
NO:                              16 votes   =  44 votes

YES (any of 4): 129 votes

Lew Lipsitt IC400000%BROWNVM.BITNET
Lee Lady [email protected]
Nick Flor [email protected]
Theon Verdeny [email protected] 
Gary McClelland [email protected]
Michael Wheeler [email protected]
Ron Wright [email protected] 
J. Philip Miller [email protected] 
Steve Kaminski [email protected]
Norman Gall [email protected]
Chris Hertzog [email protected]
Dennis Rasmussen [email protected]
John Broida [email protected]
J.Toby Mordkoff [email protected]
Clark Quinn [email protected]
Jeroen Raaymakers [email protected] 
Gilbert Harman [email protected] 
Ross Buck [email protected] 
Sean Philip Engelson [email protected]
[email protected]
William P. Gardner [email protected]
doug davis [email protected]
charles butter [email protected]
Mike [email protected]
Lewis R. Gollub [email protected] 
Colin Potts [email protected] 
Kevin McCabe [email protected] 
Larry Pugh [email protected] 
Bengt Jansson [email protected]
[email protected]
Curt burgess [email protected] 
Jonathan Roberts [email protected]
[email protected]
Steve P. Reidbord [email protected] 
Paul O'Rorke [email protected]
Steve  Hirtle [email protected]
Jiajie Zhang [email protected] 
Andreas Stolcke [email protected] 
John Rieman [email protected]
Mike Koszykowski [email protected] 
Julie Brannan [email protected]
Don Wunsch [email protected]
Linda Roise [email protected]
Christiane Fellbaum [email protected]
Krishna [email protected] 
Colleen a. Redding [email protected]
Ken Whang [email protected]
Geoff Crooks [email protected] 
Deborah Clawson [email protected]
Robert Garmong [email protected]
Colin g. Eagle [email protected]
Jyrki Jouko Juhani Kasvi [email protected]
Patrick Lynn [email protected]
Mitchell Marks [email protected]
vicki fromkin [email protected]
Charles Neuringer [email protected]
Pablo R Alvarez [email protected] 
Timothy J. Horton [email protected]
D N ROBINSON [email protected]
Jonathan Baron [email protected] 
Kurt Lidl [email protected] 
Arshad Mahmood [email protected]
Mickey Rowe [email protected] 
Doug Elrod [email protected]
Ted K. Taylor [email protected]
[email protected]
Ken Steele [email protected]
Clarke G [email protected]
Celso Alvarez [email protected] 
Ray Shaw [email protected] 
Martin Taylor [email protected]
Aaron Ben-Zeev [email protected]
Thomas E. Rothenfluh [email protected]
Brian Clark [email protected]
AL ROWE [email protected]
Eliot Smith [email protected] 
Paul Hudson [email protected]
POPCORN KING [email protected] 
Jurgen Koenemann [email protected]
[email protected] (Jurgen Koenemann)
Stephen N. Spencer [email protected] 
Richard Cook [email protected] 
Dave Butterfield [email protected]
Charles Collyer [email protected]
Harry E Blanchard heb@arch1.att.com 
Craig E. Ward cew@ISI.EDU 
margo malakoff KENJI@YALEVM.BITNET
Brian Ehrmantraut auspex!bae@uunet.UU.NET 
James P Skelly skellyjp@phoenix 
Hank Roberts hank@well.sf.ca.us 
Chris Jack   chrisj@fawlty.towers.oz.au
Joe Keane gatech!ames!osc.osc.COM!jgk 
David Buss David_Buss@um.cc.umich.edu
Su James sdd@cs.aber.ac.uk
karen valentino karen@everexn.uu.net
of Dreams and Shadows escher@ucscb.UCSC.EDU 
Tim Topper tim@image.waterloo.edu
Jon Taylor jont@uk.ac.qmw.cs
Alan Munn amunn@umd5.umd.edu 
Ted Sarbin gatech!ames!claris!netcom!ted 
Nicola Yuill nicolay%syma.sussex.ac.uk@NSFnet-Relay.AC.UK
D.J. Stehouwer stehouwr@webb.psych.ufl.edu
James Kenneth Gobble jkg@nbsr.nbsr.duke.edu 
Charles White cwwhite@antares.concordia.ca
Evan Heit heit@meme.Stanford.EDU 
Clifford Adams adams@nmtvax.nmt.edu 
Alan Baron ab@csd4.csd.uwm.edu
Mike Cluff V22964QS@ubvmsc.cc.buffalo.edu
Jeffrey Hsu hsu@unisoft.com
John Towse towse%psychology-a.manchester.ac.uk@NSFnet-Relay.AC.UK
Carl S. Gutekunst csg@pyramid.pyramid.com 
Fen Labalme fen@well.sf.ca.us 
Lisa M. Warmerdam lmwarmerdam@lion.waterloo.edu
Brent Curtis munnari!mqccsunc.mqcc.mq.oz.au!bcurtis@uunet.UU.NET 
Monica Paolini paolini@icopen.ico.olivetti.com
Max Coltheart munnari!mqccsunb.mqcc.mq.oz.au!mcolthea%uunet.UU.NET@pucc 
Werner H. Tack tack@sbuvax.campus.uni-sb.de
YES (.digest): 29 votes

Eliot Lear  lear@TURBO.BIO.NET
Mark M Mehl  mehl@atanasoff.cs.iastate.edu 
J. A. Durieux  xerox@cs.vu.nl
Sanjiv K. Bhatia  sanjiv@fergvax.unl.edu 
Charles Balan  unccab@med.unc.edu 
Dan Schlitt  dan@sci.ccny.cuny.edu
Don Norman  dnorman@ucsd.edu
Eugene H Eisman  eisman@csd4.csd.uwm.edu
Andrew Patrick  andrew%rick@dgbt.crc.dnd.ca 
Rodential Existence  MABELSON%WILLIAMS
Peter Marvit  marvit@hplpm.hpl.hp.com
Ed  emv@math.lsa.umich.edu
Walt Thode  thode@nprdc.navy.mil 
John C. Fowler  pa1027%sdcc13@ucsd.edu 
Tim Maroney  tim@toad.com 
Stuart L. Labovitz  slabovit@afit-ab.arpa 
Dr Trevor Hales  Trevor.Hales@ditmela.cng.dit.CSIRO.AU
Hua Liu  liu%cogsci@ucsd.edu 
Chris Colbourn  pyi011@soton.ac.uk
Barry S. Hirschberg  IZZYU80@OAC.UCLA.EDU
Howard Gayle  howard@ericsson.se 
Greg Paris  gmp@rayssd.ssd.ray.com 
Monica Cellio  Monica.Cellio@cs.cmu.edu
David S. Stodolsky  david@harald.ruc.dk
Greg Paris  gmp@quahog.ssd.ray.com 
Jane Edwards  edwards@cogsci.berkeley.edu 
Michael M. Cohen  mmcohen@seal.ucsc.edu 
David Chalmers  dave@cogsci.indiana.edu
YES: (.moderated) 13

Robbin Hough  hough@unix.secs.oakland.edu
B. S. Oplinger  oplinger@ra.crd.ge.com 
avis cohen  AHC@CORNELLA
Alan Sanders  asanders@adobe.com 
Clifford Johnson  GA.CJJ@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU
rik warren  rwarren@aamrl.af.mil
Bob Stubblefield  rws@cbnewsh.att.com
UMBC::SHIMOFF  shimoff%umbc.decnet@umbc2.umbc.edu
Gil Pilz   gil@banyan.banyan.com  
Jonathan Dwyer  munnari!psych.psy.uq.oz.au!jonathan@uunet.UU.NET
Fred Helmstetter  61726f@eleazar.dartmouth.edu 
YES: (.org) 8

Marc Branch  branch@webb.psych.ufl.edu
george berg berg@cs.albany.edu
Romy Spitz  ps299bd%sdcc6@ucsd.edu 
Jaime Nunez-cruz  jnunez@bsu-cs.bsu.edu 
Charles Garvin  Charles_Garvin@ub.cc.umich.edu
David Dodell ddodell@stjhmc.fidonet.org 
Laraine McDonough  ps299ax%sdcc6@ucsd.edu 
George Dunbar psrex%cu.warwick.ac.uk@NSFnet-Relay.AC.UK
YES: (.psycoloquy) 7

Bill Maki  <NU021116@VM1.NoDak.EDU
Mark Fichman  mf4f+%andrew.cmu.edu
Clark McPhail  CMCPHAIL@vmd.cso.uiuc.edu
Jonathan Schull  J_SCHULL@hvrford.bitnet
Lili Velez  lv08@andrew.cmu.edu
Dave Bozak  dab@oswego.oswego.edu 
NO:  16 votes

Gene W. Smith gsmith@garnet.berkeley.edu 
David C Lawrence tale@turing.cs.rpi.edu 
Kim E. DeVaughn gatech!ames!uts.amdahl.com!kim 
Cliff Tuel ctuel@polyslo.CalPoly.EDU 
Peter Mutsaers nmutsaer@fys.ruu.nl 
Joel B Levin levin@BBN.COM
Patricia O Tuama rissa@gargoyle.uchicago.edu
JIM PICKERING rducky!jrp@polyslo.calpoly.edu 
Arthur David Olson ado@alw.nih.gov
Patrick Bartkus patrick.bartkus@Atlanta.NCR.COM
Bret Jolly troly@math.ucla.edu
Robert Virzi rv01@gte.com 
Richard H. Miller rick@bcm.tmc.edu
Michael C. Berch mcb@presto.ig.com 
Stevan Harnad  Department of Psychology  Princeton University
harnad@clarity.princeton.edu       srh@flash.bellcore.com
harnad@elbereth.rutgers.edu    harnad@pucc.bitnet    (609)-921-7771
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