From [email protected] Sat Feb 13 12:44:35 1993
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From: Diana Whistler 
Subject: RFD: comp.econometrics.shazam
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Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1993 19:24:02 GMT
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This is a Request for Discussion for the creation of a newsgroup.
The general purpose of the newsgroup is for the exchange of ideas
among users of the SHAZAM econometrics computer package. 
SHAZAM Version 7.0 was released in January 1993.

The proposed name of the group is : comp.econometrics.shazam

It is proposed that the group will be unmoderated.

It is intended that the activities of the group will be:
  - discussion of problems with the use of SHAZAM and how
    to solve them.
  - collaborating of how SHAZAM can be used to program econometric
    estimation and testing algorithms.
  - stimulating research and application of econometric methodology.

From [email protected] Mon Mar 29 20:36:56 1993
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From: Diana Whistler 
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Subject: CFV: comp.soft-sys.shazam
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Date: 26 Mar 1993 10:52:07 -0500
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                CALL FOR VOTES  (CFV)

Proposed Newsgroup : comp.soft-sys.shazam

Type: Unmoderated

Description: Discussion about the SHAZAM econometrics
             computer program.

Charter: The purpose of comp.soft-sys.shazam is to offer 
         general discussion about the statistical and
         econometric features of the SHAZAM program. The
         discussion may include problems with the use of
         SHAZAM and how to solve them. For example, the use
         of SHAZAM for programming estimation and testing
         algorithms could be shared. There are SHAZAM users
         in 63 countries.

Intended audience: Users of the SHAZAM program.

Voting period: March 26, 1993 through April 25, 1993 

How to Vote: To vote in FAVOR of the newsgroup creation of
             comp.soft-sys.shazam send a message to:   
                  [email protected]
             To vote AGAINST the proposal send a message to:
                  [email protected]

             Please use the following format:
              Subject: [Yes/No]
              I vote [Yes/No] for the creation of comp.soft-sys.shazam.
              [Last name], [First name], [E-mail address] 

Comments: The purpose of comp.soft-sys.shazam is similar to the
newsgroup comp.soft-sys.matlab that discusses the use of the
matlab software.
Positive support was expressed during the RFD period.
The name proposed in the RFD period (comp.econometrics.shazam)
has been changed to comp.soft-sys.shazam to be consistent with
other newsgroup names.

From [email protected] Wed Apr 28 18:55:31 1993
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From: Diana Whistler 
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Subject: RESULT: comp.soft-sys.shazam passes 175:17
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Date: 27 Apr 1993 16:40:45 -0400
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The following gives the vote tally resulting from
the Call For Votes for creation of the newsgroup

          YES VOTES

Ahlskog, Peter,	[email protected]
Albertson, Kevin,      [email protected]
Alexander, Donald L.,   [email protected]
Allison, Michael, [email protected]
Altonji, Joseph  [email protected]
Aly, Hassan  [email protected] 
Andrea, John    [email protected]
Armitage, Elizabeth, [email protected]
Aroca-Gonzalez, Patricio, [email protected]
Asche, Frank   [email protected] 
Atkinson, Linda  [email protected]
Baker, Alan, [email protected]
Banaian, King, [email protected]
Barsky,Robert,   [email protected]
Bartholdy, Jan,  [email protected]
Beetsma Roel [email protected]
Bellamy, David, [email protected]
Bera, Anil [email protected]
Berck,Peter, [email protected]
Berk, Jonathan, [email protected] 
Bernabe, Manolito, [email protected]
Boholm, Johan, [email protected]
Bowden, Roger J., [email protected]
Boyd, Jeremy,    [email protected]
Bradley, James, [email protected]
Buchanan, Craig  [email protected]
Cameron, Trudy     [email protected]
Capps, Oral  [email protected] 
Carter, Colin, [email protected]
Casterline, Gary, [email protected]
Chalfant, Jim, [email protected]
Chi leung, Chan. [email protected]
Christian, Jason, [email protected]
Coelli, Tim, [email protected]
Courchane, Marsha,  [email protected]
Crawford, David  [email protected]
Cullum, Mike    [email protected]
Cunneen, Matthew, [email protected]
Davis, Byron,  [email protected]
Dixon, Bruce L.  [email protected]
Dixon, William J.  [email protected]
Donnelly, William, [email protected]  
Dowla, Asif, [email protected]
Drass, Kriss, [email protected].
Duncan, Karen, [email protected] 
Dupont, Diane,    [email protected]
Eales, James, [email protected]
Edgington, Kathy      [email protected]
Edwards, Mary E. [email protected]
Endo, Kaoru, [email protected]
Evans, Lew, [email protected]
Ferguson, Brian   [email protected]
Fisher, Timothy, [email protected]
Flamm, Kenneth S, [email protected]
Forseille, Colette,  [email protected] 
Fox, Kevin, [email protected]
Freedman, Ruth, [email protected]
Fry, Julie   [email protected]
Fry, Tim,      [email protected]
Gang, Ira, [email protected]
Garbaccio, Richard, [email protected]
Giles, David,   [email protected]
Giles, Judith, [email protected]
Gill, Clare  [email protected]
Gomme, Paul, [email protected]
Gow, David, [email protected]
Grafton, Quentin, [email protected]
Grant, Jim  [email protected]
Gray, David,  [email protected] 
Griffiths, William, [email protected]
Groenewold, Nicolaas, [email protected]
Hall, Anthony, [email protected]
Hallahan, Charlie    [email protected] 
Hammond, Christopher J.   [email protected] 
Harrington, Julie, [email protected]
Harris, Richard, [email protected]
Harrison Robin      [email protected]
Heggman, Kaj   [email protected] 
Heien, Dale,  [email protected]
Heutte, Fred, [email protected]
Hill, Robert,   [email protected]
Jackman, Simon  [email protected]
Jolly, Desmond [email protected].
Joutz, Fred,    [email protected]
Kalwani, Sharan,  [email protected] 
Kearns, Paula_S.   [email protected]
Kenyon, Peter  [email protected]
Klassen, Melvin,  [email protected]
Kohli, Ulrich, [email protected]
Lafontaine, Francine, [email protected]
Levy, David [email protected]
Lorenz, Bernhard, [email protected]
Lu, Wen-Ting   [email protected]
MacKinnon, James, [email protected]
Martinello, Felice, [email protected]
Martines, Joao   [email protected]
Mason, Karen O.   [email protected]
Maurice, Sebastian A.  [email protected]
McBride, Mark, [email protected]
McLaren, Keith,   [email protected]
McRae, Robert, [email protected]
Meeker, William [email protected]
Millard, Stephen, [email protected]
Miller, Douglas, [email protected]
Montalvo,Rafael, [email protected].
Morrison, Greg, [email protected].
Narain, Urvashi  [email protected] 
Nason, James, [email protected]
Neff, David, [email protected]
Netteland, Nils, [email protected]
Nickerson, David   [email protected]
Nishimoto, Jerry, [email protected]
O'Regan, John, [email protected]
Oakley, Lisa, [email protected]
Okunade, Albert,  [email protected] 
Paris Quirino, [email protected].
Pearce, Doug, [email protected]
Peltola, Jukka M, [email protected]
Perloff, Jeffrey M.  [email protected]
Pinkse, Joris [email protected]
Pinto, Ricardo [email protected]
Poirier, Dale, [email protected]
Quinn, Michael [email protected]
Rambaldi, Alicia, [email protected]
Ramezani, Cyrus, [email protected]
Ray, Daryll E.,   [email protected]
Redish, Angela,   [email protected] 
Renzetti, Steven [email protected]
Rhee, Hyun-Jae, [email protected]
Richardson, Sharon, [email protected]
Rockerbie, Duane, [email protected]
Roennestad,Marie, [email protected]
Roerstad, Per Kristian, [email protected]
Saarinen, Lauri   [email protected]
Salvador, Ricardo, [email protected]
Samuel, John,   [email protected]
Sandvik, Bjorn,  [email protected]
Shiba, Tsunemasa  [email protected]
Short, Christopher, [email protected]
Sims, John, [email protected]
Simson, Richard. [email protected]
Small, John, [email protected]
Smith, Forrest   [email protected]
St Sauver, Joe, [email protected]
Steen, Frode   [email protected] 
Sullivan, Michael, [email protected]
Sumner,Daniel, [email protected]
Sung, Hai-Yen   [email protected]
Tessema, Getachew Asgedom, [email protected]
Thomas, Irena, [email protected]
Tirupattur Vishwanath [email protected] 
Torsti, Esko, [email protected]
Ung, Shu   [email protected] 
Vasavada, Utpal,    [email protected]
Wahl, Tom, [email protected]
Walboomers, Caspar [email protected]
Ward, Bert D.  [email protected] 
Warner, Kee. [email protected]
Weidner, Jeff, [email protected]
Weiss, Kenneth R.  [email protected] 
Wekx, Constantijn, [email protected]
Wells, Rob, [email protected]
White, Ken     [email protected]
Wildner, Sascha, [email protected]
Williams, Oral H.  [email protected] 
Winterbottom, Christopher Q., [email protected]
Winzar, Hume,  [email protected]
Wohar, Mark, [email protected]
Wong, Donna, [email protected]
Worswick, Chris,  [email protected]
Wright, David, [email protected]
Wright, Robert, [email protected]
Wrigley, Danny  [email protected]
Wu, Dominic  [email protected]
Wyatt, Justin, [email protected]

          NO VOTES

Carr, Dave, [email protected]
Cline,  Ernest, [email protected]
Jesup, Randell, [email protected] 
Kamlet, Art [email protected]
Kulawiec, Rich, [email protected]
Lau, Stephen, [email protected]
McGuire, Ed, [email protected]
Moorcroft, Marc, [email protected]
Olson, Eric  [email protected]
Owens, William, [email protected]
Payne, Chris, [email protected]
Petro, Herbert, [email protected]
Power, Matt, [email protected]
Ryan, Sean, [email protected]
Weissman, Bob, [email protected]
Wohler, Bill, [email protected]
Woodbury, Gregory, [email protected]