Usenet Newsgroup Retention Up To 4572+ Days!

Up to 4572+ days retention in binary newsgroups and up to two years in text newsgroups! Combine this with the best completion rate for uncensored newsgroups in the usenet server industry and Newsdemon can provide a premium usenet news server product at a great price!

Get 4572+ days of binary retention for most of the Usenet newsgroups we carry. With 4572+ day binary retention and over 720 days of text retention, you can trust we’ll deliver a wide range of information on almost any possible channel with the assurance of our 99.9% Completion rate. Many followed messages on Newsgroups can span a great deal amount of time in-between for both files and regular text messages. With more than five months worth of binary content available on most of the newsgroups we carry, this enables you the user to be able to track these messages and stay up to date with the specific newsgroup topics you’re interested in. Also, simple messages without file extensions exceed over 4572+ days, allowing you to perform research on the newsgroups and track and follow discussions from your favorite Newsgroup! We have a variety of packages that enable you to take advantage of our superior binary and text retention rates that fit your needs and your budget. Don’t delay, join today.

What is Retention in regards to Newsgroups?

Retention is the amount of time that messages and files are kept on the servers. When a message or files is posted on to a Newsgroup, the file has a lifespan of a certain amount of days before it expires in order to make room for new messages and files that are constantly being posted on to Newsgroups. With a high retention rate, it allows the user to access older messages and files.