What is Newsgroup Retention?

Retention is the amount of time that messages and files are kept on the servers. When a message or files is posted on to a Newsgroup, the file has a lifespan of a certain amount of days before it expires in order to make room for new messages and files that are constantly being posted on to Newsgroups. With a high retention rate, it allows the user to access older messages and files.

There are two “types” of retention. The retention on our servers and the retention period on the index you’re a member of. The meaning is sort of the same, the difference is the retention on an index is the time they will keep the entire post on their website.

Because of our Usenet feed provider, we’re able to provide speed and completion rates and substantial retention rates in every newsgroup supported by our services.

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Huge Retention

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Uncapped Speeds

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Binary vs Text Retention

On Usenet newsgroups, you have two types of posts that are made; strictly text posts and those that have included an attachment of some kind. Those with attachments tend to take up more hard drive space than those that are just text. We call those attachment posts Binaries. Text and Binary retention rates differ because of this.

The retention rate of binaries translates into the longest amount of time an article would be available on any particular newsgroup. We are not expiring text messages and our current text newsgroups retention remains well over three years worth of articles available.

Can’t Find The Article?

It may be there, but hidden. When things are posted they are not always in plain text. In fact, this has become more and more common. So a software search engine of newsgroups may not show the name in plain text. Many websites help to “decode” the obfuscated names of these articles, allowing you to access them.

Retention is not a guarantee.

Files get deleted or are missing parts for a number reasons that have no relation to our process and handling of Usenet artilces. This is normally not provider dependent though. Most of the time, the reasons behind these failures affect all providers equally.

Downloading files beyond retention date

Sometimes the articles exists and can be successfully downloaded. In order to access them, you may have to adjust the software being used to increase the retention time to access them.

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