Bot – A bot is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet ( Also known as web roots, www robots, robots or short for bots, the term is used to identify applications that run automatically over the internet. The tasks and functions of these bots vary for each usage. Both kind and malicious bots work to either create or attempt to destroy certain functionality of existing applications, whilst advanced bots are used almost independently as an application to create a set service. A great example are the most popular of bots that run through communication based services that provide information based upon the question the user types to it, including weather, sport scores, television and movie times, most popular news, etc. Bots do not always carry a great reputation. Automated applications are also known for the DDoS attacks, where bots take over users computers to create a great deal of traffic to websites overloading the capacity that it can handle. This causes unknown amounts of damage. Either way bots run, they offer a solution to many commonly huge tasks in a short period of time with set instructions that it is able to perform at lightning speed.