Flood: Usenet Newsgroup Terms

To flood is to post a massive amount of posts to a single Usenet newsgroup in a short period of time. Flooding newsgroups is typically against the TOS of most Usenet newsgroups. It is important to note that when posts are so large they must be broken up into multipart newsgroups (usually a binary post), it is not against the TOS as long as the posts are on topic and add value to the newsgroup. Flooding Usenet newsgroups has been of great debate with many moderators and users of newsgroups as often times, the “flood” of articles is usually spam based or contains content that is either irrelevant to the newsgroup in question or offending in some manner. Albeit popular at one point in time, flood content are usually not quality postings. Therefore, the TOS of most Usenet newsgroup providers, including Newsdemon, clearly combat against the practice.