Q: How do I change my WorldPay card details?

A: To change your card details

  • Login to the Shopper Management System at https://futurepay.wp3.rbsworldpay.com/fp/jsp/common/login_shopper.jsp
  • Under Customer FuturePay Agreements (near the bottom of the page) select the Change Details button.
    Note: if you have more than one agreement, select the Change Details button that corresponds to the agreement you want to change.
  • This takes you to the FuturePay Agreement Details page. Select the Change Card button.
    Note: If your agreement has been cancelled, this button will not be displayed.
  • Enter your new card details into the relevant fields.
  • Check your entries and then select the Submit button to update the card used on your agreement.

Please Note: If you change your card details, the new card number will not be displayed on your agreement until a payment has been debited from that card. – If you are also changing the type of card (e.g. VISA to MasterCard or Maestro to VISA), we advise that you contact the store first to confirm the card types that they support. – If an agreement was originally set up using an American Express (Amex) card, then your card details must remain Amex card details if they are changed. Cards other than Amex will not be accepted and therefore if a non Amex card is to be used, the agreement will need to be cancelled and a new one set up with the store

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