Comedian George Carlin Passes Away At Age 71

George Carlin Dies At Age 717 Censored words that have been and continue to be taboo on broadcast television to this day, that normally wouldn’t even be discussed, was exactly what Carlin focused on for the first time in 1972. Since then, “Seven words” hasn’t only been an all time comedy classic, but gained mass-media attention and even a Supreme Court ruling.

“So my name is a footnote in American legal history, which I’m perversely kind of proud of,” Carlin told The Associated Press earlier this year.

Sadly, Carlin at the age of 71 passed away today due to heart failure.

A great comedic force, his legacy of pushing the envelope uncensoring the censored, made a mark not just in society, but in history.

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We’ll miss you Carlin!

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