Douglas Adams on USENET!

Yes, it is from 1993. Still very cool though:

An excerpt:

I’ve finally managed to get a convenient connection to the Internet. I
opened an account at the Santa Fe Institute earlier in the year, but it was
slow and complicated using it from London so I gave up on it.

I know there is a ton of accumulated mail on my Santa Fe account, which I
will try and get to. I’ll try and post news here from time to time if it
seems like it might interest people – for instance, it looks as if the HHGG
movie is finally coming after the shelf after 10 years.
I’m going to be doing a book signing tour in November, and I’ve posted a
current provisional list of where I’m going.

Douglas Adams
London, UK

Too bad Newsdemon was not around at the time to help. Come back, Mr. Adams!

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