Increases Available Number of Newsgroups Newsgroups has announced that it will begin offering more newsgroups as part of their USENET access services. Previously at 75,000 newsgroups, Newsgroups will now begin to offer over 107,000 newsgroups to choose from for all existing and current members.

The increase to the newly available newsgroups requires no modifications to Newsgroups memberships. This affects all US and European customers.

The retention rate of these new newsgroups may vary. However, most newsgroups will be spooling along to the scheduled 400 day retention for binaries and 720 days for text.

With many newsreaders, the change will require users to refresh and download groups available. Tutorials are available here for many of the popular newsreaders. Members can also contact support directly for assistance.

The increase in the number of newsgroups is part of the continuing effort by Newsgroups to provide premium USENET access to its members. With the additional newsgroups offered, Newsgroups members now have access to more discussions and resources than ever before.

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