Newsgroups Report Angry Weekend


What do a Beyonce video, a Tennis match and the German National Democratic Party have in common? As many newsgroups are discussing, they’re all things that got people very angry this weekend.

To start off the weekend, German newsgroups began reporting riots that started first on Friday after scores of National Democratic Party (NPD) fans in Germany tried to sabotage a left wing party music festival in Hamburg. This led to an unauthorized demonstration on the Streets of Hanover that grew to thousands of people that took the street demanding a ban on the activities of the NDP. The demonstration turned out all wet as German riot police had to use water cannons to disperse rock throwing protesters in order to break the demonstration.

Serena Williams then caught the headlines of anger this weekend  after her outburst stemming from a foot fault that a line judge had given her towards the end of the US Open tennis match. She had cursed and screamed at the line judge, which then reported her to the other judges. Sport newsgroups report that having already received a conduct warning for throwing her racket in the first set, Williams was docked a point for her outburst. At 15-40, that was match point, and Serena lost the match – 6-4, 7-5 – without hitting another ball or shoving any down anyone’s throat.

Music newsgroups got the last surge last night as Kanye West made headlines for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Music Awards. After Taylor Swift was announced for winning an award for her video, it motivated Kanye West to interrupt her speech to insinuate that Beyonce had a much better video. This is the third time that Kanye West’s anger has been caught by a live MTV event, which he probably believes he should win award for too.

On a positive note, new data recently released today by the FBI shows a drop of almost 4% of violent crimes throughout the US. The 3.9% percent decline in murder and manslaughter cases are part of nationwide drop in crime of about 1.7% from 2007-2008. The statistics were gathered by the FBI from local police reports. The report in the decrease in crimes was then posted on a variety of newsgroups related to both the FBI and US Government newsgroups.

So at least even with all the verbal anger, statistics provide a lesser chance of any of them getting violent.

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