16 May 2021 
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 Virus Report when installing Newsrover
Article When installing Newsrover on Vista 64-bit machines you may receive a virus warning from certain virus scan programs. We contacted Newsrover about the issue and here is the response:

We have researched this problem and determined that it is a false virus report
given by the latest virus database distributed by AVG antivirus.
The News Rover installation program is NOT infected.

We have determined that any program created by the Astrum installer
is reported to have an infection. We use Astrum InstallWizard to create the
News Rover installation program. We have verified that two other programs
created by different companies using Astrum InstallWizard report the same false
infection. Other developers have posted reports of this on the Astrum support

We have notified both AVG anti-virus and Astrum. AVG sent the following reply:

"Unfortunately, our virus database might have detected the mentioned
virus on some legitimate applications. We can confirm that it was a
false alarm. We will release a new virus update that removes the false
positive detection on this file very soon. We apologize for any
inconvenience caused. If you have further questions regarding AVG,
please do not hesitate to contact us again."

In the mean time, you should Ignore the virus warning and allow the installation
to proceed. If you want to verify that the News Rover program file is not
infected after installation, do this:

1. Use Windows Explorer to browse the News Rover installation folder which
is normally C:\Program files\NewsRover\

2. Right click on the NewsRover.exe program file and select the option from
the popup menu to let AVG scan the file for viruses. It will find none.

Anti-virus programs work by scanning program files looking for sequences of
bytes that occur in viruses. Sometimes a particular sequence happens to occur
by change in a program that is not infected.

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